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2014 Dreams Concert
2015 Mission to Tuxtla, Mexico
NLF Summer 2014 Newsletter Posted
Read about Korea Camp, Lockin, Mission, and more
Mission Team arrives in Costa Rica
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NLF Instructors travel (5/21) to Korea Music Camp
Thanks to Fall Fundraising success, NLF is able to continue it's extended program with our students in Korea
NLF Spring 2014 Newsletter Posted
Read about Winter Concerts, Camps, and more...
Korea Camp Pictures Posted
More Outreach Concert Pictures Posted
Spring Semester Schedule Posted
Outreach Concert Videos Posted
Outreach Concert Pictures Posted
Dreams Concert Videos Uploaded
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Dreams Concert Full-size Pictures Available
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Quiet Time Video
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NLF Fall 2013 Newsletter Available
Read about the Summer Mission, Korean Competition, and more...
Photos Posted: July 2013 Korea Concert
Photos Posted: July 2013 Korea Competition
Videos: 6/30 Mission Concert
Videos: 6/22 NLF Outreach Concert
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NLYO Performance 22-Jun-2013

NLYC Performance 28-Dec-2013

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About Us

New Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides outreach programs for talented and committed young musicians. The foundation will help students grow in an environment where the focus is on outreach, performance and collaboration. New Life Foundation guides young musicians in a musical atmosphere that inspires the members to spread the love of Christ through music and to reach out to local communities as well as overseas. Also, New Life Foundation will provide opportunities and encouragement to underprivileged orphans and young musicians through music camps and competitions.

During Summer 2014, New Life Foundation traveled to Costa Rica for Mission. The mission included outreach concerts by our youth orchestras and choir underpriviledged communities.