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  1. Our sole purpose is to encourage men as they prepare for their return to society.

  2. The program is designed to help individuals escape and recover from homelessness and addiction.

  3. The program incorporates practical, spiritual, emotional, social, educational, vocational, and financial teaching and encouragement.

  4. The program is six months long and includes hands-on, transferable working skills, weekly life skills classes, one-on-one meetings with pastors and Christian counselors for accountability services and case management, daily Bible studies, and financial advising.

  5. Program residents participate in classes such as anger management, addiction studies, healthy boundaries, financial literacy, and career development.

  6. After completing the career development classes, local agencies assist program residents in finding outside employment.

  7. Once employed, residents have six months to save money, pay off debts, purchase a vehicle, and save for independent housing.

  8. Residents are encouraged to find a local church or attend our church.

  9. The program aims to rebuild work ethic and teach transferable skills.

  10. The program focuses on practical and spiritual development and the development of healthy habits and boundaries.